Falls Aces is the only ABCA award winning baseball program in the State!

Falls Aces Baseball offers full video and data analysis services to aid in the development of fielders, hitters, catchers, and pitchers.

Services include:

  • Mobility/stability screening (through a 3rd party)
  • Pitch or throw metric and video capturing
  • Swing metric and video capturing
  • Catch or field metric and video capturing
  • Kinematic sequencing analysis
  • 3D motion capture and sequencing for hitting and throwing mechanics

When integrating video and metrics, with kinematic sequencing AND mobility/stability screening, we are able to help effectively train athletes to increase their movement efficiency to provide better results.

Data and video is just one part of the development equation for the Falls Aces instructors, as it allows us to better the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, performing a kinematic sequence assessment allows us to show the athlete how his body moves as compared to other athletes. By doing do, we can also identify if the various parts of the body are moving in the correct “chain”, or if they are out of sync.

By utilizing mobility and stability screenings, we are able to determine if the athlete’t body allows him/her to move the most efficient way or not, therefore allowing for a true development plan to be implemented.

Without a full service assessment offering by Falls Aces, you end up treating the symptoms and not curing the disease.

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