I have two kids in the Aces program, and both have experienced significant improvements in their performance this season. The older one has developed a much stronger leadership role through his understanding of game strategy along with the confidence he’s gained by working closely with the Aces coaches. His batting average and overall pitching abilityContinue reading “Karen V.”

Karen V.

Alex has been great with our son.  He’s offered great tips for improving gaps in his mechanics and also has offered a lot of information on the mental side of pitching and things he needs to consider while he’s on the mound.  I’m really happy with the lessons and plan to sign him up forContinue reading “Amanda V.”

Amanda V.

I couldn’t be happier with Alex’s instruction. He carefully assessed my son’s mechanics and areas in which he could improve then devised drills to address those areas. Alex knows how to teach pitching because he IS a pitcher. He knows how pitchers should think and approach the game. That’s huge.

Rich R.
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