Practice Efficiency

One of the largest obstacles as a coach is trying to figure out the best way to take a mound of information and filter that into a cohesive plan for young athletes to learn from. We have all made the same mistakes: too much to learn and not enough time, too little to do, tooContinue reading “Practice Efficiency”

Good hitters need good tees

We’ve abused a lot of hitting tees over the years, yet no brand of tee has taken our abuse better than Tanner Tees has. Most young athletes should take 150 or more swings per day to build muscle memory vital to in-game success. You  just can’t do that with a $20 tee, especially as theseContinue reading “Good hitters need good tees”

Wanna be a AAA All Star?

If your son or daughter is interested in learning the skills needed to become a AAA All Star next year in Menomonee Falls Little League, consider joining the Falls Aces baseball program for the 2018 season. Falls Aces sent 7 of 11 players to an All Star team during our first year of existence inContinue reading “Wanna be a AAA All Star?”