Community Outreach

The Falls Aces Baseball program is committed to reinvesting our resources into the community. We partner with local and national organizations who are dedicated to bettering the community and the citizens who work or live in our communities.

In the past we have dedicated our time to shelters, food banks, and assorted other organizations who rely on volunteers to help them support their neighbors.

Need volunteers? Connect with Falls Aces

strikeforceheaderIn 2018 we will donate half of all proceeds generated during our 1st Annual Hit-a-Thon to a family in Wisconsin impacted by a fallen Special Operations Forces member. Our partnership with Operation Hawkeye ( will help support this family who is dealing with a tragic loss of an American service person.

Donations, while welcome, are never required in order to request or receive assistance from the Falls Aces. If you would like to learn more about the Falls Aces Community Outreach program, simply complete the form below.



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