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So much training, so little time!

➡ If you have not checked out the latest training sessions we have to offer, you are missing out on some GREAT pitcher and catcher training opportunities! You can learn more about all of the below sessions by visiting our Baseball Training page.

intro to catchingCatcher Camps, led by Jacob Windom:

  1. Introduction To Catching – This program aims to teach the basics of the catcher position. Everything from stances, to receiving, to blocking and throwing will be covered. The emphasis will be on learning the basic movements in order to begin their catching career.
  2. Catcher Program: Stealing Strikes – This session is for the experienced catcher who is looking to learn the art of getting pitched balls to be called as strikes. The focus is on learning body movements that provide the illusion of borderline pitches looking like pure strikes.

Register here for any of these sessions!

full pitching programPitcher Programs, led by Alex Tomter:

  1. Introduction To Pitching – This program aims to teach the basics of throwing a baseball. Everything from fastball grip, arm path, and how to properly use the legs will be covered. The emphasis will be on throwing the ball correctly and with intent.
  2. Pitching 101 – This program will be for pitchers who have experience pitching and have the basics down but are looking for a more general knowledge. Focus will be on cleaning up mechanical flaws and throwing the ball with dual intent of throwing hard and throwing for strikes.
  3. Ace of the Staff – This advanced program will cover more of the fine tuning in building pitchers. Things like off-speed pitch design, pitch selection, pick-off moves and pitch location will be the focus. Concepts like pitching mentality, holding base runners and more will be stressed from the very first session.
  4. Velocity Training – Learn the principles of velocity and how to implement them through various drills using plyoballs, wrist weights, medicine balls and resistance bands. Data will be kept throughout in order to measure effectiveness of program.

New Training Available: Bat Speed Program

Create the whooooooosh! Our latest training option is for the hitter looking to make serious gains in power next season. The session runs for 6 weeks while building strength, bat speed, and creating confidence!

Only those SERIOUS about developing elite bat speed should attend this session!

Your athlete must have completed a previous 4 week Hitting Program before attending this session and be 11 years old or older at the time of the first session.

Register HERE

Private Lessons Just Got Easier!

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with a new scheduling platform to make the Private Lesson scheduling process much simpler for our Baseball Training customers!

Customers can now schedule all of their lessons online, complete with email and text reminders, calendar imports, payment, and the ability to cancel lessons all with a few clicks or finger taps.

Our lessons calendars are automatically synched, meaning you will see exactly when what dates and times are available for lessons.

If you’d like to schedule your next lesson, click the image below to get started.

baseball training

Interested in more? Coming soon, we will be the FIRST and ONLY training facility in the area to offer monthly tunnel rentals to our Baseball Training customers.

Why Train with Falls Aces?

You’ve always been a pretty good hitter, until this year at least. Seems that no matter what you try at the plate, you just can’t get the sweet spot to the ball consistently. Where can you go for help?

At of the time of this post, the U13 Falls Aces are hitting .391 – as a TEAM – led by 4 Aces batting .500 or better. This is largely due to the Aces fine tuning their mechanics and working on strength training during Winter training camps.

As summer begins, and baseball season winds down, your young athlete may start looking for training options so they can fine tune their skills to get a jump on the competition next year – just like the U13 team did. How can you decide if the camp, clinic, or program you see advertised daily on Facebook is the right choice for your family?

The Falls Aces provide programs, camps, and clinics year-round to Menomonee Falls Little League players. Here are three most common questions our organization gets asked…

  • Who does the coaching at your camps? 
    “All Falls Aces coaches are well trained. From ABCA Conventions, to online learning, to workshops put on by local athletic trainers, to attending clinics put on by some of the nation’s top High School, College, and MLB coaches, Fall Aces coaches have access to the best training on TODAY’s method of creating the best baseball players. These aren’t just “dads” out here, these are trained and experienced coaches.”
  • What is the player to coach ratio? 
    “Most camps have player to coach ratios between 15 to 1 or, at best 10 to 1. Our camps feature ratios at 6 to 1 or better. This allows players to get a lot of reps and individual instruction with the coaches.”
  • Is this camp appropriate for my son/daughter’s skill level?
    “While the stations are consistent for all the players in a particular age group, the way we run the drills varies according to the ability level of each player. We stress to our coaches the importance of coaching each player at his own level, so more advanced athletes get challenged just as much as those who are learning the basics of the game.”

Registering for any camp, clinic, or program is easy: just visit the Training page to see what’s currently available. Train like an Ace!

1st Annual Falls Aces SlugFest

slugfestJoin us as we kick off our last fundraising event for the 2018 season by slugging balls outta the park!

Click here to learn more about our 1st Annual Falls Aces SlugFest, featuring prizes for top sluggers and teams. Admission tickets provide food and beverages (no alcohol allowed folks).

The day begins with a competitive kickball game between the 4 Aces squads and ends with the Aces Coaches taking on the U13 Aces in another “friendly” kickball game.

All proceeds go back to the program and help keep player fees reasonable while also adding additional Winter practice time. See you there!

-Coach Aaron