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Black Friday Day Camp!

black friday camp

Day Camp Fee

Register and pay for your Day Camp right here! Just add your child’s name in the notes section while making your payment. Limited to only the first 12 who sign up!



The Greatest Baseball Comedy Routine in History

The other day while at work, I discovered a (much) younger coworker had never seen nor heard of the old Abbot & Costello bit of “Who’s on First?”.  After cursing his parents under my breathe for this glaring lack of culturing, I went ahead and fixed the problem. 🙂

This is great comedy, and I cannot imagine the time it took to perfect this routine, but it’s even better with baseball. For those of you beginning your seasons, make sure you take a few minutes to have some fun and laughs with your kids. Keep them interested in the game, and in playing for you.