SlugFest Recap: Smiles, Sunshine, and Screamers!

On a beautiful 80° Sunday afternoon, there were reports of rockets, missiles, and bombs near the Menomonee Falls Little League Complex. Instead of organized war games, it turned out to be the Falls Aces slugging screamers, liners, and moon shoots during our 1st Annual Falls Aces Slugfest! Before all the hitting began, families enjoyed greatContinue reading “SlugFest Recap: Smiles, Sunshine, and Screamers!”

What’s the right bat size for your son?

Picking out bats for your young baseball player isn’t as easy as it should be. There are approximately seven katrillion bats to choose from, and all of them seem to be 1) completely different and 2) exactly the same after spending a few hours looking, swinging and researching them. We’re going to try to make thingsContinue reading “What’s the right bat size for your son?”