This Week in Baseball 11.18.18


This Week in Baseball

eurosBaseball News

We bet you didn’t know that there is baseball on the island of Ireland, did you? Well, baseball is there – but barely. There are only about 150 youth playing the sport on the entire island today. That’s just about how many kids tried out for a Falls Aces team this past Fall! You can learn more about the strategy of expanding the game by Baseball Ireland, or donate to the cause, or just learn more about the overall effort. Expanding baseball globally opens so many doors for not just the children in those countries, but for ours as well.

Aces News

As we are just beginning to get indoor practice time, what should parents expect their Ace to be exposed to?

While the weather doesn’t suggest it is still Fall, it is, and Fall is the time that we try to clean up mechanics or learn a thing or two. Hitting, fielding, throwing, catching, and running mechanics and movement patterns will all be a primary focus early on, then transitioning into learning a skill that plugs a gap as we get closer to 2019. For instance, if your Ace has never learned how to bunt, that may be a focus for him to learn before we get into Winter Workouts.

Training Updates

We are entering week 4 of 6 of our Bat Speed Program, which focuses on three core metrics to help hitters improve their bat speed. Improving bat speed provides a number of benefits to hitters, including giving them more time to react to pitches, and increasing their ability to hit the ball hard somewhere.

The first session of our program is spent collecting data on each hitter, which is then provided to them during session #2. Hitters are also presented with Targets to hit. These Targets are the 50% percentile average of all hitters at their age group in the nation, so certainly an area where we want to be or be beyond.

Bat Speed Program
Max. Barrel Speed Peak MPH Max. Barrel Speed Avg. MPH Target
Riley 56 Riley 49.7 49.7
Logan 54 Logan 49.5 46.7
Tayler 50 David 46.7 49.7
David 49 Alex 42.4 49.7
Alex 44 Tayler 41.8 47.3
Jayson 39 Jayson 37.8 46.7

The above chart is one of the metrics we capture, certainly not the only one. Using Diamond Kinetics technology allows us to more accurately train athletes on their strengths and weaknesses with data – not just the “eye test”. We will share the results of the Program after these young dudes finish week 6. Good luck Aces!

oscarCamps, Clinics, and Lessons

Don’t wait to register for any of the training options we have available for your youth baseball player. Register by clicking this link.

Sessions include:

  • Introduction to Pitching
  • Pitching Velocity Training
  • Black Friday 1 Day Camps!
  • Ace of the Staff
  • Pitching 101
  • Introduction to Catching
  • Catcher Program – Stealing Strikes

All training sessions are conducted by qualified, professional instructors with college baseball playing experience.


Without the support of our families, we wouldn’t be as far into our goals of providing the best possible baseball development program as we are. If you told me that by year three we’d have our own indoor training facility, I would have laughed. I mean, we had 13 kids show up for tryouts in year one, so having the ability to move on a structure seemed to be well into the future.

Speaking on behalf of all of us associated with the Falls Aces, we are truly thankful for the support provided by our community. Enjoy a safe, and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

-Coach Aaron

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So much training, so little time!

➡ If you have not checked out the latest training sessions we have to offer, you are missing out on some GREAT pitcher and catcher training opportunities! You can learn more about all of the below sessions by visiting our Baseball Training page.

intro to catchingCatcher Camps, led by Jacob Windom:

  1. Introduction To Catching – This program aims to teach the basics of the catcher position. Everything from stances, to receiving, to blocking and throwing will be covered. The emphasis will be on learning the basic movements in order to begin their catching career.
  2. Catcher Program: Stealing Strikes – This session is for the experienced catcher who is looking to learn the art of getting pitched balls to be called as strikes. The focus is on learning body movements that provide the illusion of borderline pitches looking like pure strikes.

Register here for any of these sessions!

full pitching programPitcher Programs, led by Alex Tomter:

  1. Introduction To Pitching – This program aims to teach the basics of throwing a baseball. Everything from fastball grip, arm path, and how to properly use the legs will be covered. The emphasis will be on throwing the ball correctly and with intent.
  2. Pitching 101 – This program will be for pitchers who have experience pitching and have the basics down but are looking for a more general knowledge. Focus will be on cleaning up mechanical flaws and throwing the ball with dual intent of throwing hard and throwing for strikes.
  3. Ace of the Staff – This advanced program will cover more of the fine tuning in building pitchers. Things like off-speed pitch design, pitch selection, pick-off moves and pitch location will be the focus. Concepts like pitching mentality, holding base runners and more will be stressed from the very first session.
  4. Velocity Training – Learn the principles of velocity and how to implement them through various drills using plyoballs, wrist weights, medicine balls and resistance bands. Data will be kept throughout in order to measure effectiveness of program.

Off-season Pitching Programs

We’re excited to announce a new bundle of pitching training sessions that are available before the end of the year. We have options from young dudes just beginning all the way through established pitchers looking to add pitches to their arsenal. All sessions are led by Alex Tomter, the Falls Aces Director of Pitching.

You can learn more about these awesome sessions, and register, by clicking here.

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BREAKING NEWS: Web Store Launched!

trucker hatThe Falls Aces are pleased to announce the launch of their new web store! The store will serve as another avenue for Aces fans to purchase items of interest to show your support for the program, or to simply enjoy within your home. Proceeds from sales go towards general operating expenses, or are used towards capital or technological improvements.  Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Web Store Launched!

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