Batting 101: Bunting

Who doesn’t love bunting?!?!? Most kids!

Bunting is a necessity in baseball, especially at the youth level. When you have a runner at 3rd base and need ONE run, there is no better way to get him or her in.

This 4 minutes video shows the absolute basics in getting into a good stance and position to bunt, then how to move your hands to execute a strong bunt. Check it out and let your Elite Coaches answer any questions you may have.

Breaking in a Glove

It’s that time of year to start thinking about baseball! Many kids probably upgraded gloves over the holiday, but how can you get that precious piece of leather ready for the abuse it will endure over a long summer of baseball?

Wilson’s glove guru Shigeaki Aso shows you what to do while breaking in a glove for perennial gold-glove second baseman Brandon Phillips.

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