BREAKING: Axe Bat Fitting

UPDATED 1/25/19 3:15 PM: The Falls Aces will be the first program in the nation to go through the bat fitting process, partnering with Axe Bat to help them further design the process for a nationwide roll out.

The Falls Aces are excited to announce that Jeff Leach, a prominent hitting instructor and Manager of Hitting for Axe Bat, will be onsite at the Launch Pad training players, coaches, and parents early this February.

Coaches and parents will have a chance to learn more about bat fitting, while players and coaches will learn more about the art of wrecking baseballs – with axe handled bats preferably – in a separate session.

The fitting session will be unique, as technology will be used to allow each hitter to measure which bat produces the best outcome – leading to the opportunity to have better in-game performance.

Falls Aces Coaches will also be instructed on more advanced ways to ensure the correct bat is in each hitter’s hands, as well as additional hitting instruction offered by Jeff.

Falls Aces families will receive information via email on how to take part in this great, free, opportunity.

Jeff Leach is the Manager of Hitting for Axe Bat. He works with amateur, college and professional baseball teams to help their hitters find the best bat for their swing.

Jeff, with his wife, Brittani

The 2018 American League MVP Mookie Betts and the 2017 World Series MVP George Springer are amongst more than 60 hitters who use Axe Bats in Major League Baseball.

Previous to Axe Bat, Coach Leach was Director of Instruction for D-BAT in San Antonio. In 2015 he was nominated for national instructor of the year by D-BAT Sports. He is sought out for his ability to develop high performing hitters of all ages and ability levels.

“My goal as a coach is to boost a hitter’s confidence by developing their skills and their approach. I encourage aggressive swings that produce line drives.”

His high school players have earned All-District & All-State honors in Texas, and have earned scholarships to nationally ranked college baseball programs. Since 2013, his players have committed to play Division I baseball in the SEC, Big 12, WAC, Conference USA, Southwest Conference, Southland and American Athletic Conference.

A native of San Antonio, Coach Leach played baseball at McMurray University in Abeline, TX as an outfielder. He lives with his wife Brittani, and their 4 children: Sydney, Carter, Cooper and Cash.

Training Session Openings

⚾We have baseball training openings for the following sessions, including a new batch of hitting clinics! 👍

– Introduction to Fielding – starting this Friday, registration closes tomorrow
– Pitching 101 – starting Monday, registration closes Saturday
– Ace of the Staff – starting Monday, registration closes Saturday
– Hitting Clinics (based on MFLL level of play) – starting Saturday 1/19, registration closes Thursday 1/17

All sessions are open to MFLL players looking to get an edge on the upcoming season. Registration is now completed on a new platform that provides automated email reminders! Click below to get started.…

Learn more about current and future training provided by our travel program at

This Week In Baseball 12.2.18


Baseball News

Youth sports is at a crossroads, mainly due to the expense that is associated with the various sports kids participate in. This article takes a look at the state of the game, the growing income inequality gap that seems to be rapidly expanding the ability (or inability) to play baseball.  It’s a good read, but more importantly it’s a reminder to all of us associated with the program that we can do more to ensure we are not inadvertently leaving kids behind. 

Aces News

We were lucky to get some air time this Saturday morning with Mike McGivern on the Youth Sports Show on 105.7 the Fan. In the rare event you missed the discussion about baseball in Menomonee Falls, you can check it out via this link.  Mike was such a gracious, knowledgeable host, it really made for a fun conversation.

We have added one more tournament to the schedule, this time for the U14 squad, who sold the most Kringle during our pre-season fundraising event. Details can be found on our Schedule page. This is a unique, one day tournament in Sussex that allows our program to gauge how well the tournament is run before committing all of our teams to an event. Based on the experience of the U14 squad, we will see if 2020 is a good year for all of our teams to compete in it. 

Training Updates

Wednesday night, our local Menomonee Falls High School baseball coaches led a training session with the Falls Aces coaches. Led by 2-time State Champion Varsity Coach Pat Hansen, the MFHS staff covered a number of drills and skills needed to be a better catcher, pitcher, fielder and hitter.  Our coaching staff was very appreciative of their time, and graciousness in delivering this valuable training. 

Camps, Clinics, and Lessons

In case you missed this great deal last week, you can now get up to 10 private lessons at a discounted rate by using the code “ACES2018” during checkout. This is an exceptional value reserved only for families who are on our email list.

Players get 1-on-1 time with a qualified coach to improve their fielding, hitting, pitching or catching. Hurry, this offer is valid on lessons reserved through 1/31/2019 only!

We have released a series of training starting after the New Year. Our Friday Fielders and Sunday Swings programs work on basic infield play and hitting mechanics to help build a solid foundation before our more advanced camps come out later in Winter. You won’t want to miss them! Registration is open now, and available here


Wow, what a week we have had! Besides the normal activities taking place, we also had the great opportunity to learn how to better develop our Aces by the experts of the Menomonee Falls High School baseball coaching staff. We spent over 90 minutes learning drills and techniques to help our young dudes become stronger baseball players. Coach Pat Hansen and his team dove pretty deep into their areas of specialty while copious amounts of notes were taken by Aces coaches.  

As mentioned earlier, Larry Hanson – our U11 Head Coach – and I spent an hour hanging out with Mike McGivern talking youth baseball on the 105.7 WFAN Youth Sports Show. Mike is a total baseball dude, and the conversation really was fun to be a part of. Thanks also to our Aces (Cayden Schnickle – U14, Luke Bliemehl – U11) who joined us on air to tell their stories about MFLL, Aces, and everything else. Those dudes rocked it! 

One last update: if you recall a couple weeks ago we posted a quick hit about growing the game of baseball in Ireland.  While there are not full details to share as of today, we are working to provide them with equipment, technology, and training to help the sport thrive on the Emerald Island. If you’d like to donate some time, equipment, or other resources just let me know. 

See you at the Pad!

-Coach Aaron

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This Week in Baseball 11.25.18


This Week in Baseball

Baseball News

Technology in baseball is changing the game, whether you care to admit it or not. Everything is evolving, from bat handles to pitcher usage to how hitters attack pitches. This article from March takes a look at many of these changes, challenging the reader to determine if the changes are good or bad for the game. No matter your opinion, what’s certain is that change and technology advances will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. 

Aces News

It may not even be 2019 yet, however we have scheduled a few tournaments for each team to compete in already. The latest bunch will take place over Father’s Day weekend, and are organized as follows:

Each team will have the opportunity to compete against area and perhaps regional teams. You can check your team’s schedule via the GameChanger app, or visit our website page for updated links to the tournaments. 

Training Updates

Our first Pitching Program finished up this past Monday, with Pitching Instructor Alex Tomter helping a dozen pitchers develop better command and velocity by improving their mechanics and mental approach. 

Alex is leading another handful of programs through the end of 2018, while also committing to a bunch of Private Lessons each week. In 2019, Alex will start another round of Pitching Programs that you will not want to miss! Stay tuned for more details on dates, days, and times. 

Many young hitters struggle to barrel up inside fastballs, oftentimes hitting balls off the bat’s handle or completely missing the pitch. This drill helps to keep the hitter’s elbows positioned correctly during the swing, provide maximum adjustability to put the barrel wherever the pitch is located. It can be done with a rolled up sock, wiffle ball, or any other circular, compressionable ball. Enjoy!

Camps, Clinics, and Lessons

In case you missed the picture at the top of the page, you can now get up to 10 private lessons at a discounted rate by using the code “ACES2018” during checkout. This s an exceptional value reserved only for families who are on our email list.

Players get 1-on-1 time with a qualified coach to improve their fielding, hitting, pitching or catching. Hurry, this offer is valid on lessons reserved through 1/31/2019 only!


Nothing makes me smile more than seeing kids having fun while learning the game of baseball. Over the past couple weeks I have had the opportunity to peak in on a few of our teams practicing, and it is awesome to see these kids (and coaches) having fun while learning a baseball skill. 

Many of our drills are designed to create a competitive environment, and when combined with positive coaching, these kids all are getting better minute by minute. I’m proud of all of our coaches, particularly the new guys to the program, for taking the proverbial bull by the horns and working hard to create the best baseball experience possible. Thanks for creating a challenging and rewarding environment! 

-Coach Aaron

P.S. We’re one of the first programs in the area to offer team practices in November, and when combined with the camps, clinics, programs, and private lessons, there are kids who are being exposed to baseball 5 or 6 days a week. We’re excited to watch these kids grow into baseball dudes! 

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