We get quite a few of the same questions about the Falls Aces Baseball program. This page exists solely for the purpose of trying to answer them for you. If you have a question that is not explained below, let us know.

Q. What – exactly – is the Falls Aces Baseball program?

A. We develop Menomonee Falls Little League (MFLL) players into All Star caliber baseball players through winter workouts, practices, and tournament play.

Q. Does my child have to play in MFLL to play with the Aces?

A. Yes. This provides a great opportunity for players to play many positions on the field, ultimately making them a better baseball player. Ex: we have a U12 player who is primarily a 1B or 3B for the Aces this year, however he gets to play P, C, and OF positions on his MFLL team too. This experience makes him a well-rounded, valued player to both teams.

Q. Is this a “select” program?

A.  Yes: players are selected based on their tryout performance.  They are placed in the ‘tournament division’ of MFLL and play other local District 1 Travel Little League teams for league play during the season as well as in several local tournaments.

Q. Is this program geared towards winning at all costs?

A: Not at all. Our goals are focused on player growth and development as individual players and competing at a team level. We establish metrics for both individuals and teams to strive to achieve – none of which are wins or losses.

Q. Do Coaches kid’s get preferential treatment? 

A. This is a sensitive subject, but we will try to answer it as honestly as possible. Coaches kids tend to be good athletes because of the dedication of those parents. That doesn’t always mean that they are the best players in the program however. Honest evaluation is conducted during tryouts and throughout the year that help Coaches establish playing time, positions, and batting orders for all players. Based on performance, Coaches have autonomy to put players where they will be most successful within the team.

Q. Do all Aces make the MFLL All Star team(s)? 

A. No. Players have to perform at a high level for their MFLL regular season team to make an All Star team. The training and instruction provided through the Aces program is geared towards performing well enough for consideration.  It is expected that Aces players will be strongly considered for the MFLL All Star teams and will play on the All Star team if selected.

Q. What commitments are there for tournaments, practices, etc.?

A. Players should strive to attend 90% of practices throughout the year – scheduled weekly from February through the end of baseball season. Players must be available for 100% of the tournaments they are scheduled to play. Tournaments are generally within the south east WI area.  Optional practices begin in the Fall and continue through the winter and attendance is highly encourages as they serve as key components of continued development.

Q. A lot of programs say the cost to play is $x, then families need to find sponsors, do fundraising, buy uniforms, and find other donations that add up to a lot more money. How is Falls Aces different? 

A. We provide a straight forward fee model that covers most expenses. Besides the player fees, there are no other commitments required to participate in the Falls Aces Baseball program – outside of travel costs and normal baseball related expenses (like that shiny new bat your son adores!). Uniforms are provided during the first year within the program, as your son grows or tears up pants, sweats through hats, etc. you may need to replace those items at your cost.

Q. Is fundraising required then? 

A. Nope. Your family can pay the “all in” fee and concentrate on logistics from that point forward if you choose.  We do have optional fundraisers throughout the season which are designed to raise funds to keep player fees low.  Players and teams that are exceptional fund raisers are awarded with individual and team prizes.

Q. Why wouldn’t my son enjoy the Falls Aces Baseball program?

A. We have no idea! Seriously though, if your son – or your family – is super competitive and very involved with every aspect of Junior’s swing, or pitching motion, or whatever – this isn’t the right program for you. Your family has to trust that Aces Coaches are capable of developing your young player, and your young player has to accept that failing is part of growth. Players also must be open to trying new – sometimes crazy – things meant to improve their skills. The program also rewards players who hustle, are on time, and give their best effort all the time. If your family would not be happy with this approach, you should find a program that better fits your needs.

Q. How does the Aces program differ from “Academy” teams?

A. We’re not a “Academy” program. We are a local community based “select” and  “tournament” team/club. We prioritize selecting players from the Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Butler and Sussex/Hamilton region who are eligible to play in Menomonee Falls Little League.  We pride ourselves in being a feeder program for Menomonee Falls and Sussex/Hamilton High School Baseball Programs.

We are a developmental program that plays in tournaments a few times a year while players play league games in the “Tournament Division” of MFLL. This experience allows players to get the best of the Little League and tournament play experiences. We play on some of the best baseball fields in South East Wisconsin.  All of the fields we play on are privately maintained Little League fields, not publicly maintained park district fields in poor condition.  We invest a ton of resources into technology and learning the latest training techniques and baseball tactics while providing the most training and development time in the area.