Private Instruction: Wasted Time or Incredibly Valuable?

Many athletes, and parents of athletes, look for instructors to “fix” perceived issues in baseball performance. How many lessons can you pay for before you realize that all you bought was time? If your instructor isn’t providing detailed feedback showcasing strengths and weaknesses, and changes over time, what is it that you paid for?

We will show four simple charts of two different hitters that contrast how we work with hitters, and why they feel their lessons are valuable.

Using data, and charting out performance, gives the athlete the ability to see where (s)he is consistent, inconsistent, within the national average at their age – or above/below that mark. Once they know these statistics and what they mean, athletes can work with intent to change their performance.

Using simply the Hand Cast chart above, both hitters are fairly consistent however only one of them is an “average-to-above average” set of performance data, while the other is “below average”. This allows our instructors to work with one athlete on improving his “hand cast” while not messing around with the other athlete’s.

One size no longer fits all. We do not instruct cookie cutter methods. We do not create robotic athletes. We do not have a “simple 5 step process” to the ultimate swing, pitch, and so on.

We do challenge athletes to use data in order to fix their performance. We challenge improvement within short periods of time. We encourage athletes to set short and long-term goals for improvement.

All of these reasons are why athletes choose to train with us. Join the crowd by checking out our latest offerings, or signing up for private lessons. Stop wasting your time training without goals!

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