BREAKING NEWS: Alex Tomter to join the Aces Fam!

The Falls Aces are excited to announce the addition of Alex Tomter to the instruction staff! Alex will join the Aces in Fall, serving as the head Pitching Instructor for athletes in MFLL and the Aces program.

Alex Tomter has been involved in baseball at every single level from youth to professional. Alex played at Brookfield Central High School and Concordia University -Wisconsin, coached varsity baseball at Brookfield Central and college baseball at Milwaukee School of Engineering. He also spent time working for the Pittsburgh Pirates in their scouting and player development departments. Tomter has been able to learn and acquire knowledge from some of the brightest minds in all of baseball.

Alex is a big proponent of using all available tools and technology to help mold healthy and successful ball players. Weighted balls, slow motion video, pitch trackers, arm sensors and more have all been used as a part of his repertoire and he plans to keep adding to that with the Falls Aces.

“I’m very excited to be joining a program, like the Aces, that is fully dedicated to the
development of each and every one of their players. To partner with a program that was recognized by ABCA and Diamond Kinetics for their use of technology in player development is an incredible opportunity that I am looking forward to”, said Tomter.

Said Aaron Lilach, General Manager of the Falls Aces, “We have been looking for an instructor as well-rounded as Alex since we started this program in late 2016. At the beginning of this past offseason, we started looking for someone with the pedigree and drive to take over our program’s pitching duties – an area where no current instructor was a specialist. There are a lot of experienced people out there, however the ability to use today’s technology and training techniques was a huge bonus once we started our discussions with Alex.”

Alex is currently learning the technology available for him to use with the Falls Aces, which includes PitchTracker baseballs from Diamond Kinetics.

“As a startup organization that is finishing our second season, we are primarily focused on getting the right people in the right roles to teach today’s game to our young athletes. We look for unique leadership skills and people who are intent on continuing to learn themselves”, said Lilach. “One area where we felt we needed to step up our game was with pitching. Alex brings credibility to the instruction staff that we feel will compliment our use of technology to create a truly engaging, empowering, and enlightening training experience for our athletes.”

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