12 Reasons to Choose the Falls Aces

Around this time of year we get peppered with a lot of questions about our program, usually about what makes it unique as compared to other programs in the area. The problem with that question is clear: we aren’t different. We are a youth baseball program, just like the other 900 trillion clubs, teams, etc. in the area.

We don’t compare ourselves to other programs, not because we are so unique, but because at the root of all programs is a common goal: produce better baseball players. These are, however, 12 reasons for your family to consider the Falls Aces:

  1. J and flat bands for all ages (we take arm care seriously ’round here)
  2. Diamond Kinetics technology for hitting and pitching development
  3. Private, professional instruction 
  4. Private facility
  5. Mental training
  6. Additional access to facility through membership
  7. Performance testing
  8. Training on Strength, Speed, and Agility
  9. Partner pricing with BRX Performance
  10. Thorough interview process for Coaches
  11. Coach Training – through ABCA Convention, National High School Coach of the Year, etc.
  12. Child Safety – all Coaches are background checked through MFLL

If this sounds like the program for your family, head on over to our tryouts page and sign up your young athlete.

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