Menomonee Falls Little League (MFLL) is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement to provide an indoor training facility for its families, starting this fall.

Sean Paterson, President of MFLL, said, “We have been trying to find the right fit for an indoor training facility for a few years, and as luck would have it, one of the local programs in the area no longer had a need for their facility. After doing a great deal of market research, we decided this was the right time and right place to invest in our MFLL families.”

“The Launch Pad” is located at N60 W16221 Kohler Lane in Menomonee Falls. The facility is NOT open to the public; however, it will be accessible to MFLL families in a variety of ways:

  1. All MFLL teams will be able to use the facility for up to an hour each week immediately following the MFLL draft and up to mid-April. Gone are the days of not being able to practice while the weather wrecks havoc;
  2. The Falls Aces will utilize this space to practice multiple times each week from December through mid-March, and then as needed throughout the remainder of the season;
  3. The Falls Aces, in cooperation with MFLL, will offer various camps, clinics, programs, and private and semi-private instruction to MFLL and Aces players;
  4. Membership packages will be offered to MFLL families. Members at The Launch Pad are free to use the facility whenever available and it is not being used for team practices, events, lessons and training programs. Members also receive discounts on camps, clinics, training programs, and instruction.

Paterson said that MFLL families will soon receive updates on how they can access the facility.

According to Paterson, MFLL is investing heavily in player development through various avenues, including the Falls Aces program, The Launch Pad, and the use of highly qualified instructors. MFLL’s aim through these investments is to be a competitive baseball program that cultivates today’s players into tomorrow’s All Stars.

According to Aaron Lilach, Vice President of Travel Ball with MFLL, The Launch Pad is only possible due to the support of the MFLL community. “Without generous donations from our business partners, wildly successful fundraising from our Falls Aces families, and a little luck, this endeavor is unlikely to have been feasible,” he said. “From the beginning of the Aces program, we have reinvested excess money into the program, from additional tournament play, to freebies for players, to fun events, but this is a big step out of the ‘little things’ that make our program so unique.”

What benefit is in store for MFLL families, now that an indoor training space has been committed to?

“Investing in an indoor space is not an easy task. Real estate is expensive, and finding and outfitting an empty warehouse each Winter is time consuming without always guaranteeing you will find a space to use. We researched those avenues the past few years, and we were close to putting a different plan together, but ultimately didn’t feel comfortable doing so”, said Paterson. He added, “When the turnkey option feel in our lap, we felt this was a much smarter decision for our community.”

Added Lilach, “The Launch Pad solves a problem for MFLL in finding a suitable, affordable space, and also allows our Aces players to practice locally and at times of the day that shouldn’t negatively impact school responsibilities.”

Paterson stated that an Open House is being considered to allow MFLL families to see what will be available to them. For more information on these and other MFLL and Falls Aces developments, check out or

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