New Partnership: Team Rehabilitation!

One of the founding principles of Falls Aces is to provide athletes and families with a value-based program that hits on the total experience of being an athlete in today’s highly competitive youth sports environment. In doing so, we strategically align our program with other businesses that are like-minded and offer a value proposition to our program.

Colin O’Brien – Clinic Director

Team Rehabilitation is the latest local business that we are partnering with to provide our Aces with an outpatient rehab and physical therapy avenue should they become injured while in our program. Benefits to our athletes include:

  • Guaranteed same day consultative appointments to diagnose issues (just mention you are with the Falls Aces when calling)
  • Jaeger Bands for our athletes to use to improve overall arm care
  • Professional, high-caliber, sport-specific care for unique baseball injuries

To learn more about Colin O’Brien, Clinic Director at Team Rehab – Menomonee Falls, and his team visit their website or continue reading below.

Colin has studied at the James Andrews Sports Medicine Institute of Birmingham, Alabama, working with athletes from high school to professional ranks. Colin works to empower his patients utilizing a collaborative approach, combining education relating to the patient’s condition and the proposed course of therapies. Colin’s focus is to get his patients back to their desired level of activity and provide the tools to stay there.

The Falls Aces Baseball program now provides a full spectrum of arm care unique in our area. Our partnership with BRX Performance provides the best sport-specific training to strengthen and condition athletes, our internal arm care program builds up stamina and strength, and our partnership with Team Rehabilitation provides immediate care for when things go wrong.

Welcome to the program Colin and team!

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