Batting 101: Swing Path

Falls Elite Baseball believes that the best thing to teach young hitters is to “swing with a purpose”. That purpose: to do damage.

To do so means that our athletes have to buy-in to learning “new” ways to swing their bat in order to produce damage. In order to visualize how those changes lead to success, Falls Elite uses the latest in portable hitting technology.

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Let’s take a look at the results we have seen so far with one of our young athletes:

While an average 12 year old should be able to generate an exit velocity of 60 mph or higher, driving the ball far into the outfield – further than 150′ – is another goal for maximum production.

The swing on the left produced the following data we were able to use in order to help drive swing improvements:

  • Exit velocity: 65 mph
  • Potential distance: 135′
  • Hand cast distance: 12″
  • Approach angle: -5°

Based on the swing data, we were able to make a few minor mechanical adjustments to this player’s stance and swing. In doing so, he added 60′ to the ball’s travel distance with the same relative exit velocity. So what was the change? Let’s look at the same data points for the swing on the right:

  • Exit velocity: 64 mph
  • Potential distance: 196′
  • Hand cast distance: 7″
  • Approach angle: 22°

There are two primary areas we worked on with this athlete: 1) being more compact with his swing and 2) changing from a downward swing to a slightly upward swing. By working on this approach over just a few weeks, this athlete extended the travel distance to his batted balls by almost 1/3!

If you are interested in learning more about how Falls Elite can help your young athlete, click here.

Another side effect of working with this athlete was that he now feels more comfortable in his batting stance and while swinging. Something, as he says, he has never consistently had before.

And yes, changing a swing to a slightly upward swing is a big change – both physically and mentally. But the results…those speak for themselves.

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